The Mumsnet Initiation Process

I am always on the lookout to reach to new audiences and I am loving the way in which some very popular websites such as Netmums and Mumsnet are embracing the boom in blogging and finding ways to promote blogs and bloggers to their readers.

I mention Netmums and Mumsnet specifically because I applied to be part of each of their new blogger networks and have had totally conflicting experiences.  Each have set up what is going to be a valuable source of blogs, information and assistance.

I have a working relationship with Netmums but this doesn't cloud my judgement of them.  My requests for articles are on a separate part of the website to the forum.  My application to become part of the Netmums Blogger Network ran very smoothly and I didn't even feel the bump when the new readers landed - and a lovely nudge it was too.

I also applied to become a member of the Mumsnet Blogger Network - much of the same although I noticed they do have a few well known writers on board already as their "featured bloggers" and with a network of that size your own community is bound to grow.  My membership application didn't run quite as smoothly and, true to form, I moaned a bit on Twitter.  To give the Mumsnet Twitter team their due they picked up each and every one of my tweets and looked into the problem.  And as is the way of the internet, my application had got lost in transit so the Mumsnet team agreed to fast-track my application.  I was accepted within an hour.  Excellent service.

Along with my "Welcome to the Blogger Network" email was a few links encouraging me to join the forums, read the terms and conditions, instructions on how to display a badge and a couple of Facebook and Twitter links.  

Speaking from experience, it is always good "netiquette" to introduce yourself on forums rather than just dive straight in like you own the place.  As with blog posts, I write on forums as I think/speak - from the heart, hopefully a little humorously, always there to share a bit of advice if I've experienced similar; what you see is what you get with me.  Here is my opening post - please click the title to view the thread in its entirity as to quote it all would take up valuable blog space.  I'm sure the Mumsnet servers can cope with the extra traffic.
TIPTOES QUIETLY INTO THE CORNER (click title for original thread) 
HAHAHAHA ONLY JOKING!!  TA-DA!!!! I'M FINALLY HERE after much moaning on Twitter and a lost application, Mumsnet have fast-tracked my application and I'm now officially a "Mumsnet Blogger". What have I let myself in for??  
Some of you may already know me, in which case "Hi" - make yourselves known 
Some of you may never have heard of me, in which case "Hi" - where the frig have you been for the past two years? 
Some of you may know me from a previous life where I had a different username, in which case "Hi" - and sssshhhh we don't talk about that any more. 
Some of you may know me in real life, in which case "Hi" - isn't it time you rang me and we arranged a coffee date? 
Some of you have probably clicked off by now and though "weirdo", in which case "Bye". 

I have been described as Tigger, Quirky and The Queen of Rants. I blog at Typecast

OK, I'm not everyone's cup of tea but OH MY GOD the vitriol pouring from some of the members of the Mumsnet forums is gobsmacking.  I've been a member of forums for YEARS and NEVER have I seen a new member treated in such a way unless they were suspected to be a troll (and I'd say 99 times out of 100, the trolldar was correct).  I was accused of joining a blogging network and dedicated forum purely to promote my blog (!), expecting to be hero-worshiped, not knowing the unwritten rules (!) and I was called a "cunt" on at least two occasions.  I'm no prude but I suspect calling someone a cunt is a banning offence on other forums if not asterisked out.  On Mumsnet it is just removed (after me reporting it) and not a dickybird said by the moderator on duty.
Edit: A moderator has emailed me to notify me of the removal but no apology within the email.

As I said in the thread, if this is their baptism of fire then I wish to be burnt at the stake and survive.  I think I did that with my head held high.


Edited to add:  I have had an email conversation with Justine Roberts, co-founder of Mumsnet.  No-one from Mumsnet will be commenting here or on their dedicated twitter account but someone from Mumsnet HQ has attempted to clear up a few points on my thread on Mumsnet.


As ever, the comments remain open on this blog post as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I welcome active discussion.  I have never felt the need to remove any comments other than spam or duplicate comments.  I will not accept personal attacks and those comments will be moderated (maybe).