I'm Back!

I HAVE RETURNED full of ideas, enthusiasm and a tummy bug *pukes and runs to the loo*.  I have to say a massive thank you to my guest bloggers who looked after this place whilst I was away (there is a link to the photos and some little holiday videos on my Facebook page).  Didn't they do a grand job?  Just in case you missed any of their posts, here is the full list:

Comments for them all remain open so go and have a read if you haven't already.  I'm always overwhelmed by the response to guest posts and they always give me great ideas for future posts too.  And, of course, they always bring new readers to the Typecast blog.  Bonus!

Edited to add:  *smacks forehead* I am also indebted to Paula and Ash for taking care of the FridayTwiz whilst I was away.  They managed to keep the ship sailing and keep the community entertained without causing too much havoc.  I'm back in the driving seat on Friday but have no idea what the theme is yet.  I'll let you know.

So, onwards and upwards.  As you may or may not know, I am taking a sabbatical from my Open University studies to concentrate more on writing and blogging for a year.  I have a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline that I'm sure you'll hear about in the next few weeks - you know me... I can't keep my gob shut for long!  I may even try and get that elusive "first chapter" written and published for everyone have a nosy at.  Switching off from everything connected to blogging and social media allowed me plenty of time to write with a pen and to do plenty of reading - something I've really been missing out on.  And I know I was the Queen of lists before but some of them are starting to make sense now.

Also, I would really like to organise a little bit of a meet-up for the North West bloggers (and anyone else willing to travel, of course).  Nothing special but something that would involve the children and give us lot a chance for a chat.  We have a great country park here in Blackburn called Witton Park.  My son, Jake, was part of the design team for the new adventure playground, The Wits and there are fantastic areas for walking and picnics.  There is a little cafe/snack bar, parking is free and it's on a bus route too.   What do you think?  If you're interested then email me on typecastblog@gmail.com (subject: Blackburn?  Where's that then?) and I'll get a date in August sorted out.  No pressure - just a nice, chilled afternoon where the kids can run off their leads a bit and we can have a no-strings catch up.

And that's that.  I'd better get on with some of the real writing shizzle now.