Inventions that are so wrong that they've gone past the point of wrongness and there isn't a word to describe them!

Firstly, if you've got an idea and you want to market it maybe run it by a targeted focus group first.  Not your mates and your mum who are going to pat you on the hand and tell you that you've done a good job.  OK, I'm an aged grandmother.  What the fuck do I know?  Oh yeah, I've actually raised three children and they're all still alive.  They may not have been though if I'd have used one of these:

screenshot from the website

Don't even expect me to link to this shit because I ain't.  The name is there and I'm sure you're brilliant at Googling.  Anyway, this contraption - a "bottle bib" - is designed to allow babies to have their bottle unaided so that you can get on with the ironing and cleaning because (and I quote) "holding a bottle for up to an hour [..] for months on end [..] is so frustrating".  It is aimed at babies of three months and over and, in my opinion, is exactly the same as laying a baby up on the settee with a bottle propped in their mouth.

*waits for gasps of horror to die down*

The person who invented this has now blocked me on Twitter (I mean, who does she think she is?  Keith Chegwin?) so obviously doesn't like the fact that a number of people agreed with my aghast tweet earlier today:

Baby Beer Hat Image Credit
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I'm actually still waiting for someone to tell me the benefits of a gadget like this.  I'm all for innovation and women in business but seriously... really... still gobsmacked and getting more that way each time I look at it.  It's a joke, isn't it?  Tell me it's a joke and they were expecting viral social media outrage and angry blog posts!  Your thoughts would be appreciated.

But as a footnote, my mate Bob tells me that this contraption already been invented and has proof ~~~~>


UPDATE 7.12pm - 23.11.12
The following text has been added to the launch page:
"To be supervised at all times"  linked to the spec page and a myriad of feature descriptions which doesn't actually make it sound any better - just a lot worse.
As you can see from my original screenshot, that wasn't there originally.


UPDATE 7.02pm - 24.11.12
The Facebook page has been removed and someone from the company has tweeted Twitter Support to try get the Twitter account closed down (can they not find the "deactivate/delete account" button themselves? ).  


UPDATE 11.29am - 29.11.12
The website has been taken down 'until further notice' and the Twitter account is now closed.


UPDATE 12.18pm - 04.11.13
Who thought this post would be updated again?  It seems that the website is back up and running again and the "Bottle Bib" is being promoted as the only product on the site.  There is a warning that babies should not be left unattended with this product (so what's the bloody point?) and that it's only for babies over 4 months old.  I despair, I really do!!  
(H/T to Emma from Me, The Man & Baby)