Monday Favourites : Tony Hawks, Gangnam Style plus a Twitter birthday announcement

gangnam style

If you haven't heard this version of Gangnam Style yet, you have to listen.  Tony Hawks giving it large on BBC Radio 4's "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue".

But seriously, for my younger readers, you whippersnappers, you - Radio 4 isn't all Shipping Forecasts, The Archers and Women's Hour.  Have a scroll through their schedule and tune into great shows such as The News Quiz (gotta love a bit of Sandy Toksvig), Just A Minute and The Now Show.  I'm sure you can even set up your BBC iPlayer with reminders or downloads.  Enjoy!

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In other news, I've just been told it's my TwBirthday.  FOUR YEARS ON TWITTER! And apparently my Godfather is Stephen Fry (hit the image to see my TwBirthday page).  Which means that I can regale this 'conversation' again... probably 


PS... If you're not used to reading Twitter conversations then read from the bottom up and let's not mention the fact that he didn't actually tag me in the conversation.  I know he was talking to me.

PPS... Yes, I do know how sad I am by having this in my 'twitter favourites' so shut it!