Heart-Shaped Paper Clips For My Filofax

Here's a cute little home-made Filofax marker that I found whilst using StumbleUpon ages and ages ago.

Get a friend to donate some coloured paperclips (thanks Mel!)

pastel coloured paperclips

Bend them in half 
(practice with some boring silver ones as it may take a couple of 
attempts to work out which way to bend them)

pink paperclipheart-shaped pink paperclipheart-shaped paperclips

Attach to Filofax and use as a page marker or to clip papers to a page in your diary

filofax, heart-shaped paperclips, page markers, inspirational quote,

Oh and for anyone asking the quote on the front page of my Filofax is:

"However the world treats you,
don't let it change the way you treat the world"
Sarah Brown

PS.  Would you like a tour of my Filofaxes?  I'm thinking of filming a walkthrough of my personal organisations systems on YouTube.  If it's a popular idea, I'll pull something together.  Let me know!

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