How My (Grand)Child Sees Me

I hear that the "How My Child Sees Me" meme has started again although I'm not sure we have recovered from the last time I asked one of my offspring to draw a picture of me.  It was SO bad last time that I have deleted it from my Picasa albums and I very rarely do that.  I was drawn with a black triangular nose and had a laptop in view instead of a body.  They're a canny lot, these children of ours.

But I wasn't going to be fooled this time.  
I have more little people at my disposal now.
Small people who can easily be bribed.

So... after the promise of a lolly and some stickers...
in all its glory, here is how my 3 year old granddaughter sees me:

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No, I do not have a cock for a nose.

She got bored halfway through drawing me and found something better to do.
Then demanded her lolly and her stickers.

So there you have it.
Can your child do better?  
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