Another Filofax To Add To The Collection

botanics filofax, sage, compact, I have added another Filofax to the ever-growing collection.  This time I am trialing a Filofax Classic Botanics personal organiser (in Sage).  It's a "compact" Filofax which means that the rings are only 15mm in diameter instead of (what now feels a very generous) 23mm in my other organisers.  However it's a timely trial as I'm currently carrying two diaries around (personal and work) and my attempt to merge the two didn't work effectively.  

I am going to start using a slimmed down diary section (maximum three months as suggested by Steve from Philofaxy), a few personal sections with information I need from day to day and a 'scribbling' section instead of carrying a small notebook around with me.  

However, even though I am a traditionalist, I hardly ever use the A-Z tabbed inserts that are provided with every Filofax.  I have all my telephone numbers stored in my phone and the amount of addresses that I need to remember can be condensed to just a few pages.  So I asked my Facebook page community what I could use this section for.  You can read all the suggestions here (there seems to be a theme running through them... ) but my absolute favourite has to be a wishlist/bucket list.  I might just use a few of the ideas though and utilise all my spare A-Z dividers and have one big reference book.  Now, wouldn't you like to have a nosy through that?

I would really like to see a certain type diary layout added to either Filofax or Dodo-Pad's range.  I have an idea in my head that has the same week-to-view on both pages when opened out.  One side would be for personal use, the other for work.  This system would solve my merging dilemma that I mentioned at the beginning of this post so if anyone has seen anything like this, please let me know.

Now, I just have to keep myself away from the website or I'll get carried away with buying Filofax 2013 diaries, paper in pretty colours and stickers.

DisclaimerFilofax UK sent me this organiser to review.  Please see my disclosure policy for more details