Winter Survival Guide

snow on tree
As the cold winds begin to blow and the dark nights draw in, it’s easy to feel inclined to seek shelter and draw the curtains on the rest of the world. But the winter months are a truly beautiful time of year and there are plenty of unique events and happenings to take advantage of. As such, button up your coat; pull on a warm hat and the hit the road with our guide to surviving the winter months. 

Get into the Christmas spirit 

The first half of winter is the most enjoyable for many people for the simple reason that it’s got a huge silver lining – Christmas is coming. No matter how much of a Scrooge you are, you’ll inevitably find there is something to love about the festive season. 

Don’t grumble and make things hard on yourself, throw yourself into the Christmas spirit. Shop for gifts early to avoid last minute stress, make plans with friends and family that involve plenty of good food and merriment, and install plenty of decorations to really get into the spirit. Even if you’re not into Santa, the range of Christmas presents available will mean you can still deck out the area around the tree and spread a bit of joy. 

When you look at it that way, you’ll soon find that Christmas isn’t as stressful as you thought it was. 

Take up a winter sport 

Many of us are inclined to be a bit sluggish during winter, but there are plenty of really fun sports that you can only take part in at this time of year. There’s nothing like exercising in the cold winds to put some colour in your cheeks, so look into ice skating lessons, head to the Alps to ski or snowboard, or simply wrap up warm and head out for an early morning jog in the crisp, cold air. 

Seek out cosy hideaways 

If you’re heading out for dinner or a drink, seek out cosy bars and restaurants that are catering to a winter crowd. Look for a pub with a log fire and hearty food; when it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than cuddling up in the warmth of a homely indoor environment.

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