Enjoy The Unexpected

Today two lovely things have happened and I would like to share them with you because they have certainly brightened up my day.

First, I found out that someone had mentioned me in an interview and said that she "admired" me.  That was a double-take moment.  I have such respect for the person that said that and I am overwhelmed that she chose to publicly declare her adoration commend me.  Ironically, she forgot to tell me that she had been interviewed and I found out about the mention via Google Alerts!

Secondly, I spent a snatched half hour with my granddaughters just after tea.  It's rare that I see them in their home environment as Rachel usually brings them here.  I was treated to Amie dancing along to something on CBeebies (complete with correct actions) then spinning around to make herself dizzy and Megan sat in her chair just giggling away to herself.  What was best though was Amie bringing my phone to me and telling me to pressing the buttons to bring up my photos.

She laughed joyously when she saw pictures of herself, said "baby" to the ones of Megan, shouted "Mumeeeee" at the one of Rachel and my friend, Laura, said "Ake" at the one of Jake, pointed and said "Gan" at one of Kev (Grandad) and leaned over and kissed the screen when it showed one of Michael.

It was a lovely moment and just shows how much she's growing up and starting to love her family.