Release Date

The release date is getting close I thought to myself.  For six years I had shut myself away to work on my latest project; something that would change the way in which the world perceives human nature, free speech, emotion and public outcry.  I was finally going to be in control and not one single person in the whole world would know that that were taking part in this experiment.

The beauty of this project was that the central mechanism could be tweaked and amended to experiment with acceptance and portrayal of attachment, then released back into the public domain, clawing evidence all the time.

Would I want to be a part of this? I asked myself.  I mused on this for a few moments and realised that I was probably already part of an experiment somewhere.  Data was being collated by hundreds, probably thousands, of external agencies.  It had to be classified research as humans were evolving and becoming more intelligent as the years progressed.  They now only told you what they thought you wanted to hear which, in turn, corrupted results.

The reason this project had taken so long was because I couldn't even afford to introduce a focus group as someone always leaked information.  The execution of this project relied on total secrecy and the final outcome would rock the world.  No-one would look at anyone else the same again.  Suspicion would be inbred and questions would be asked, even to the person they were closest to.  Trust values would be reassessed and every person given the privilege to walk this Earth would start to respect the honour afforded to them.

It was time.

This is the start of an idea that I have for a longer story which has been spinning around my head for about a year now.  I need to find the time to expand it and this is my first step.