The One Where I Am Roasted!

Roasting can mean one of four things:

  • a sexual act between at least three participants. normally involving more than one Premiership footballer, a 'glamour model' with a Sunday newspaper journalist on speed dial and someone with a video camera and a shaky hand;
  • to be cooked with dry heat, usually in an oven;
  • subjected to ridicule, laughter or negative criticism;
  • an event where comedic insults, praise and heart-warming tributes are directed towards someone, implying that they are able to take the joking in good humour.

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To find out which process I have been through may I suggest that you head on over to the Clouds and Silvery Linings blog which is headed by Mr Eddie Bluelights.   Don't forget your manners over there and let's show some comment love.  I'm the one in the corner wearing a pretty frock, biting her fingernails and looking very nervous.