Have I Missed Out?

There are a number of articles around at the moment that have made me consider I may have been living my life rather frugally and not enjoying it to the max.  After all, you're a long time dead and you only get one chance at this life so you might as well enjoy it.

I never had a hen party.  We planned our wedding in 8 weeks, overcame a few boundaries and got married on the cheap.  If I ever get the chance to renew my vows then maybe I should organise one?  The only decision I would have to make here is whether to stumble around town wearing a veil and 'comedy' L-Plate or whether to jet off to a party town abroad with fifty or sixty of my closest friends, which seems to be the norm these days.  Because of our thrifty wedding and everything else happening around us at the time, we never had a honeymoon either (well, one night in a hotel in Manchester, near the hospital) although we did have a week in Portugal last year on our own - 18 years later.  Apart from two other occasions where we had a one-night stay over, we have never been away on our own.

Circumstances also meant that I never had my first dance at my wedding.  If I ever renew my wedding vows I will exit the service to Suddenly by Angry Anderson (oh yes, that good old 80's Neighbours reference on the blog again - how many times is that this year?) and our first dance will be the Pulp Fiction dance in the style of John Travolta and Uma Thurman (or maybe "They Both Reached For The Gun" from Chicago?)

No-one ever threw me a baby shower so by my reckoning (and in accordance with a recent survey by gift company "Me To You") - three children at £150-worth of gifts each - I am owed in the region of £450.  I'll pass the collection bucket around after.

I don't spend a lot on clothes (certainly not £1000 a year) - that is plainly obvious just by looking at me.  I don't even have a "capsule wardrobe".  I just buy the occasional cheap and cheerful item and wear it until I grow out of it (*ahem*) or until it unravels at the seams and falls off my body.  I'm not very good at accessorising either; it all seems a bit too fussy.  Do I even have a "style"?  I am waiting for a team to come and whisk me away and give me a make-over.  Still waiting.  STILL waiting... *taps foot whilst watching the phone, willing Marc Jacobs or Robert Duffy to ring*

I suppose I should be proud of the fact that I haven't wasted money along the way, yes?  I'm not ungrateful by any means and we've never had the spare cash to do most of the things I've mentioned but a girl can dream, can't she? *sigh*