Review: ila DUSK Personal Alarm

The ila Dusk is an innovative personal safety alarm produced by British technology entrepreneurs, Simon McGivern and James Phillips of ila Security Ltd who identified the need for stylish personal products for women.  The ila Dusk was launched in 2009 and has since been endorsed as "the most effective alarm on the market" and has been endorsed by Jacqui Hames (detective and presenter on BBC Crimewatch).

A British Crime survey revealed that 25% of women admit to travelling through dark streets alone at night without informing anyone of their whereabouts whilst 75% admit to feeling unsafe when someone is walking behind them.  The ila Dusk gives women confidence by giving them control of the situation and making themselves as safe as possible.

The personal alarm works by emitting an ear-piercing female shriek when activated that will shock and disorientate any attacker.  This combats a situation where adrenalin can cause loss of voice - the ila Dusk screams for you.  This personal alarm will fit perfectly onto your keyring (its size is 3.5cm x 7cm) and comes in a variety of patterns.

The ila Dusk retails at £19.50 and is available from