Guest Post : Basic First Aid and St John Ambulance

Editors note:  This post has been written by Andy, who was one of my holiday guest bloggers earlier this year.  Andy is 14 years old and an active member of the St John Ambulance organisation.  He addresses a very important subject matter here and has asked me to reach out within my network to bring your attention to this situation and hopefully help you to understand how important knowing basic first aid is.

Logo credit: St John Ambulance 

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At the start of this year, St John Ambulance produced quite powerful advertising campaign, named "The Difference", for the learning of first aid. While I cannot include an image on this post for copyright reasons, I'd like for you to check it out yourself. It's quite sad to know that people die very needlessly because of lack of knowledge of first aid. Even some parents don't know basic first aid and even with the most basic training, people have a better chance of living.

I'm a member of St John Ambulance and to be taught all of these essential skills, which at some point could save somebody, puts a lot of people's mind to rest and I think that all people my age should be the same. I'm not trying to gain any members from this post, nor am I asking for donations to St John Ambulance; all I'm trying ask of you is to question your abilities a little. If a child fell unconscious, would you know the correct procedures? Or if a person had a very large cut on their arm, would you know how to treat that injury? If you don't, then I suggest visiting the St John Ambulance's website page about how to "Be The Difference". This page will explain the procedures of the 5 most common life saving situations and links on to much more advanced stuff. You can also take a first aid course with St John Ambulance which are suitable for the whole family and can really make a difference.

Thanks for your time and many thanks to Nickie.