Fist Pumping

Disclaimer #1:  This blog post is completely safe for work... if it passes the filters...

Occasionally, the communication barrier between two very intelligent people who both speak the same language can provide much hilarity.  Every so often, I let the Twitterverse know about how my working day is progressing and yesterday was no different.  The day was ticking away slowly, my computer was being an arse and I was counting down the minutes until I could leave the office.

And here, for your delectation, is that "fist pumping" video

Two questions:
  1. Is it ever the right time to bestow your knowledge of porn on your social network
  2. When did you last get the wrong end of the stick?
Disclaimer #2: @IfICouldEscape is from Florida, USA
Disclaimer #3: Sorry for tarring the mind of both @IfICouldEscape and @LizJarvisUK and probably the rest of Twitter who were so shocked they didn't dare get involved