Nostalgia + Chocolate + Twitter = The best blog post in the world

I treated myself to a packet of Minstrels earlier and, whilst eating them, an advertising slogan popped into my head:
They melt in your mouth but not in your hand
Was that the original Minstrels advertising slogan waaaaaaaay back in the 1980's?  I couldn't remember so I turned to Twitter to ask the geeks my very knowledgable band of merry followers:

I had replies from @CosmicGirlie, @CainGlain (note to self: ask Ceri what her profile picture is), @RedTedArt, @LittleBead and @Peabee72.  The three most popular answers were:

  • Minstrels 
  • M&M's 
  • Maltesers

Now I guessed that it wasn't Maltesers because they most definitely DO melt in your hand if they last long enough yet, funnily enough, a Google search threw up this forum discussion on a website called "Chocolate Review" (which I may have to investigate further) and members there cited all three suggestions too.

Dig a little deeper, Nickie... feed your curiosity!!  You know you're right!

Then two little tweets from @NixThorpe appeared on Tweetdeck... off I trot to YouTube where I should have started in the first place really...

So it WAS Minstrels then!
(by the way, I remember our family having a camera like that)

But now I am lost in a sea of 1980's advertising...
*dances off, humming the Shake 'n' Vac song*


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