The Gallery : My Favourite Photo

You see the theme this week?  "My Favourite Photo (and why)".  Do you think that is an easy or difficult prompt?  I don't mind admitting that it has left me pondering a-while.  Should I choose a picture of my family, my extended family, scenery...?  But then I remembered a precious keepsake that I have...

Here are literally hundreds of photographs of my early life.  And for all you young'uns out there, these are called SLIDES! I rediscovered these when clearing out mum's house and the children were fascinated by them.  We also found the individual slide viewer (that looks like this) and took it in turns to HOWL laughing at the old fashioned pictures from the 1970's.

And just for the mushy vote, this was next to the boxes of slides in the drawer:  From back in the day when we were young and thin...
(Kev is going to kill me *snigger*)

* * *

For the weekly Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.  This week's theme was "My Favourite Photo (and why)".  You can see all other entries >>> here <<<

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