Moving On Up

I read this tweet from Mr Paparazzi this morning and had to laugh.

Songs don't 'storm up the charts' any more.  They go straight in at number one or they are considered a 'flop'.  I had a quick check to see who she is up against this week and according to the competition is in the form of Judy Collins and Tim Buckley (can you hear that owl too?  Who? Who?) so I think old Chezza is safe.

Long gone are the days when you saved up your pocket money, tripped off down to your local record store (Oh, vinyl.  Be still my beating heart!), bought the latest single that your favourite group had released, took it home carefully and listened to it over and over again on your record player. You then tuned into Top of the Pops on a Thursday evening to watch the chart rundown to see where your favourite song was... remember this?

What's that?  Your group is 'straight in' at number 14?  Well, why not go and buy another copy of the single at the record shop with the rest of your savings or pocket money on Saturday to give it another boost and then tune into the Sunday night chart show to see if it had moved up (or down) from it's chart position?

"Climbing seven to number 8..." 
When was the last time you heard that excitement-laden sentence?  And Bruno Brookes... where is he now?

Bands and singers really had to work to get the coveted Number One slot (yes, I know... I heard myself when I said that.  I am now officially old).  Now, they just seem to re-release something from a few years back, call it a remix or a mash-up, bang it on iTunes and mime on the Sunday version of X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing.  More effort seems to go into making the video.