I Failed!

I was pointed in the direction of the practice version of the UK Citizenship Test online last night (yes, I was bored and it was mentioned in one of the questions on Channel 4's "Million Pound Drop").  This test covers aspects of British history, society and culture and is a requirement when applying for settlement in the UK or full British citizenship.  The test took me just over 7 minutes but you have a full 45 minutes if you need it.

I scored 14 out of 24 correct (58%)

I failed.

I have no idea what the pass mark is because I took it twice more and failed each of those times too (38% and 56% *shakes head in despair*)!

Go on - have a go and post your score in the comments section.  I think I'd have been better off with questions about fish and chips, drinking tea and pop groups of the 80s.