I don't know whether this is just Blackburn or if it's happening all over the country but I am DISTRAUGHT that there are no traditional chip shops open on a Saturday lunch time.  Kev wanted a portion of chips to go with some left-over curry, Michael and myself wanted a meat and potato pie (possibly with some peas on top) and Jake wanted a dab butty.

I have driven (yes, that's how desperate we were for food from a real chippy) round the four traditional chip shops in the immediate vicinity and all of them have their shutters down.  The next frying time is Monday lunch time at 11.30am!

Why?  What happened to traditional Lancashire Saturday afternoon chomping?  Or is it all about Friday Chippy Tea like the Lancashire Hotpots suggest?

I have ended up having egg on toast with Jake (who makes brilliant fried eggs, by the way), Michael has had some cereal and Kev made proper chips out of real potatoes!