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Things To Do Before I Turn 50

  (also known as my "TA-DA" list as opposed to a "to do" list) It was my 49th birthday a few days ago and this got me thinking. Any birthday that ends with a zero always feels a bit like milestone or a landmark and, when I hit the big "five-o" in 2022, I don't want huge parties or celebrations but I would like to have ticked a few things off my low-effort bucket list.   I see these things as a way to improve my mental and physical health, plus a few slightly off-the-wall experiences that would make for great memories.  Start running again and include the following: Lead a C25K group again  Participate in parkrun EVERY week where possible  < ongoing (now parkrun Run Director too) Visit local landmarks whilst running  Train for a long race - building up from 5k > 10k > 10 miles > half marathon, with a couple of longer trail races mixed in  Lose a lot bit of weight Post more on Instagram or give the blog a bit of a reboot < ongoing Look at

Review : ZingZillas CD

I'll be honest here.  When I was asked to review this CD as part of my "bargains for Christmas" posting spree I knew that it would never enter the CD tray of my stereo.  As soon as Our Chief Tester of Toddler Toys (Anticyclone Amie) saw the CD, she pounced on it, babbling some nonsense, and refused to release it from her grubby little mitts.  Her mummy and daddy were ever so pleased and were looking forward to bopping along to the track listing back home.

At risk of sounding old, I had no idea who/what the ZingZillas are but I was assured that it is one of the best pre-school programmes on the BBC at the moment.  And my granddaughter seemed to agree.  She has been grooving away to all 26 of the tracks on the album and I know that she would have been pleased to receive this in her Christmas stocking.

Musical influences on the album (and on the show) are varied: rock, soul, jazz, samba, big band - I actually think it's a good way to introduce children to "real" music, rather than the artificially produced sound that you hear so much of today.

The album was released on 4th October 2010 and the RRP is £9.99.  It is available from all good retailers.

As an aside, should I be worried that one of the songs is called "Let's Hear You Scat" or is that my mind working overtime again?

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