I want to ride my bicycle - with Tesco Direct

I'll never forget finding my dad, hiding out in the garage, respraying my old bike to give to my sister for her Christmas present.  I was about 8 years old.  I felt a mixture of emotions; sadness because I realised that she wouldn't have a 'new' bike and excitement because I was now 'grown up' and knew what my sister was getting for Christmas.

At the back of our house we had an alley way, which lead up to the local park.  Occasionally we rode our bikes up to the park and just cycled round and round and round for, what seemed like, hours on end.  Everyone seemed to have a bike - some with a bell, some with streamers on the handlebars, all different colours and sizes.  I coveted a Raleigh Chopper but never got one - they were boys bikes apparently!  I even saved up for a new bike (a racer) when I was thirteen and proudly handed over my cash to the man in the bike shop.  That bike saw me right through my teen years, ensured that I could do my paper round and took me into the next town on many occasion for teenage adventures.

Getting out and about on bikes is a great way for families to get together and have fun, as well as keeping fit (if the weather is right).  Just in time for Christmas, Tesco Direct have a range of bikes and accessories centered around getting the family kitted out and on their way.  The kids bikes have a plenty of offers (some even half price), there are well-known brands, such as Muddyfox, for the adults and even a reasonably priced bike carrier to allow you to go further afield (and don't forget your Clubcard points too!) so GET ON YOUR BIKE AND RIDE!!!

This is a sponsored post