PINK FRIDAY 4 - Painting By Nipples

Everyone is always looking for something a little different to raise awareness and donations for charity and let's face it - sitting in a bath of cold baked beans is so 'last year'.  So when I found out that my fellow #FridayTwiz-er, the lovely Jane Fox of  Fired4U, had organised an evening of 'Painting By Nipples' I was intrigued.  She tells me that is going to be very much like children's hand and foot printing but using *ahem* alternative body parts...

The fund-raiser is being held at the Fired4U studios in Walton-le-Dale (near Preston) on Wednesday 27th October and is currently completely booked up - which just goes to show what a popular and fun event this promises to be.  Advertised as "the breast night of fun you'll ever have" Jane has pledged to donate 50% of the studio fees and between 25% and 50% of the pottery fees on the night to the Rosemere Cancer Foundation.  She has also arranged for T-J from Bras4All (who you may remember as a guest blogger on here back in July) to be on hand on the night to offer advice and support (too many jokes, too little time) on correct bra fitting and a Breast Cancer nurse will be giving a short talk about how to check breasts correctly.

Jane has managed to get local businesses and the community involved too by organising a raffle and further donations.  She's also been featured in the Lancashire Evening Post and "Love It" magazine (October 14th edition)!  This promises to be a great evening coupled with information that we all need to help promote breast cancer awareness.

More information about Fired4U's normal studio opening times and prices can be found on their website.


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