My Life In Film

Fellow blogger Pippa (from over at "A Mother's Ramblings") asked me if I'd ever thought about my life as if it was a film.  Strangely, she wasn't the first person who had asked me this question so I have decided to elaborate on my original answer somewhat.  My life story HAS to be conducted in the style of a musical with a cast of thousands - each trial and tribulation fought through the medium of song.  And just like I mentioned in the original interview, I'd tap dance at some point too.

During my high school years I would be Rizzo from Grease...

evolve into Tallulah from Bugsy Malone... 

mature into Velma from Chicago... 

and finish as Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques.

What about you?  What film would you say describes your life?


Nickie O'Hara Metro - Nickie O'Hara

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