Pink Friday 5 - Is Your Bra Comfy?

My final Pink Friday post is from T-J (mentioned fleetingly in Pink Friday 4).  T-J runs her own specialist bra fitting service which offers advice for women, specifically for mastectomy/post surgery patients and plus-size ladies.  You can find lots more information about T-J on her 'About Me' page on her Bra-Blog.

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October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a good month to check out all those bras in your draws. Are they comfy? If they’re not, they could be doing some damage to your breast tissue. Recycle them through our Bra Appeal!
We all have our favourite bras, and bras we’ve bought to go with special outfits, and bras of certain colours, and bras we saw and loved. But do they all fit properly? If they are even slightly uncomfortable, you may be doing more harm than good wearing it.
A bra generally only lasts with good support and shape for about 6 months, (please don’t all shout at me!). With wash and wear the fabric stretches, and becomes misshapen, so will not be as good as it initially was when we first bought it. Our breasts, however small they are, need support, and it’s our bras that do this for us.
Checks to carry out this month:
1. Is the band firm against your rib cage and sitting snugly in the smallest part of your back? If it is starting to ride up your back when on its tightest setting it’s time to get a new bra.
2. Are the wires or seams sitting underneath and behind your breast tissue? Anything pressing on your breast tissue can cause discomfort initially. In the medium to long term, this may cause small fibrous cysts to appear.
3. With your clothes on, are you happy with the shape your bra gives you? Different style bras will give you different shapes. But look for your natural contoursilhouetted, lifting your breasts and giving you a waist.
Also remember that our body and breasts change with our monthly cycle, age, pregnancies, weight loss and gain. We need to make sure our bra is supporting us well for lots of reasons – not just to make us look and feel good! To prevent back ache and neck ache is a big reason to get your bra right; and to prevent fibrous cysts being created, or getting mastitis.
Bras are important to our breast health and general health and well being. PLEASE CHECK YOURS OUT TODAY!
If you need any bra fitting advice, or want to talk about any bra related matter, please do get in touch. We’re here to help Support You and get you comfy and looking good.
With Christmas coming up, if you need new bras, why not ask for a voucher for your preferred shop? All bras fit differently, so if partner does choose to get you a lingerie treat, be kind but firm with him if the style or size needs changing. Make sure he approves of the exchange though!


I would also like to link this back to Pink Friday 1 which was all about checking your breasts - a skill that every single woman should learn.  

All Typecast Pink Friday posts are linked below. I sincerely hope these Pink Friday posts have been useful to you and raised awareness.  If just one woman has changed their routine because of these posts then I consider this a job well done!

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