Blognonymous : The Appointment - Postscript

Editors note: A short while ago a post was published on this blog within the ethos of Blognonymous.  It was entitled "The Appointment".  Following the comments and advice left at the end of the post the author felt that an update and a Thank You was needed, so here is their post.


This is a postscript to the post   The Appointment. I wanted to let you all know that I have had the mammogram & the results is all clear! I wanted to share that with you & to say a big thank you to those of you who were kind enough to comment last time.

I decided to show my husband the post & all your comments as a way to try & help us move forward from where we seemed to be. It did help him but I knew that he was counting the days to the appointment & then most days after he was looking at the letterbox to see if the envelope had arrived.

I had planned to try & get the letter when it arrived & (providing the result was good)  wrap it up as a Christmas present for him. However, I knew that he needed to know as soon as possible so that he could relax.

The letter arrived yesterday. He was relieved but then apologised for the fuss he had made. He said that he knew it had been over the top to worry. He knew that logically everything would be ok as I regularly did the checks but after being recalled the first time, his fear just takes over.

He explained that those few days from getting the recall letter to the examination when they said it was fine, were the worst in his life & he never wants to go through those again. I suppose I can understand. They were awful days but I know that the recall was because they had no films of me to compare with. Now they do. Somehow he can’t take that completely on board.

Anyway, just wanted to finish the story off. It seems appropriate, given the time of year when we need hope to look forward to what 2011 might bring. BTW I haven’t told him that I'm due a cervical smear in a couple of weeks!