The 2010 Digest

How do you round up this year on a blog where so much has changed?  This year has been a defining time for the me as a writer.  I started out still finding my feet, addressed the community spirit, grew in confidence and wrote a lot of posts.  I have picked one post from each month of 2010 for you to revisit.  It definitely isn't the most popular post of the month or even the one with the most comments, but the one that you had maybe forgotten about and might enjoy again.  I'd love to know if there is one that you would have recommended for inclusion in the round-up too.













And finishing off with 

I am inordinately proud of my Cancer - Your Story series which has hosted some amazingly personal stories.  I am grateful that so many other people support my belief that the taboo of cancer has to be broken.

I am astounded weekly that people are still joining in the Friday Twiz - my little baby born in March 2010.  Yes, it's tough coming up with the questions each week, and a lot of the time it is bodged at the last minute (sshhh, they'll never know!), but it's a lot of fun and I've seen a great little community spring up with lots of people that I would never have encountered otherwise.

I am extremely proud to be one of the founder members of Blognonymous - a place to speak freely, anonymously and in confidence.  Many people have used Blognonymous to obtain valid advice and opinions from others within our community who have a wealth of experience between them.

There is also everything else in between.  The Gallery, The Writing Workshop and The Secret Post Club are all community-spirited areas of blogging which I've thoroughly enjoyed participating in.  And finally just the rest of my waffling and rambling that everyone keeps returning to read.

So if I can manage all that in 2010 then what could be possible in 2011? 
*flexes fingers and cracks knuckles