Filofax Friday : One In, One Out

this picture does the Chameleon
no justice whatsoever
Be still my beating heart.  I am now the proud owner of a Chameleon Filofax in Spring Green.  You may remember seeing it on my wishlist a short time ago.  I couldn't wait until Christmas so ended up buying it anyway.

Because the Filofax is so customisable, I have already decided on a theme for my Chameleon (although the name suggests that it may change over time, yes?).  I am going to use cream dividers and green notepaper.  I also want one of the new 2011 diaries that are a-week-per-page-with-notes - a theme which I tried to mimic myself earlier this year but ended up with too much bulk.  I am also going to purchase this style diary/note pack for each of my other two Filos - work/home and writing.  Also, I think my next Filofax blog post is going to have to be "Are my Filofaxes streamlining my life or am I streamlining my life around my Filofaxes?"

Anyway, I have made a promise to myself that this time it is "one in, one out" so I have to release my one unused Filofax back into the community, then I can justify buying some accessories for the new Filofax.  So, this means that I have a Filofax and some inserts for sale:

Brown Cuban Zip (Personal size) 
Like this but with a textured surface
It is the older version but in EXCELLENT condition
2 (two) x "July 10 - December 11" Diaries (personal size) - week on two pages
Like this (but with the extra 2010 months)

World map (personal size)

1-6 Dividers in pastel shades (green/pink/blue - Personal size)
not available to buy on the website - provided with a new Filofax

A-Z index (13 tab) in pastel shades (green/pink/blue - Personal size)
again, I cannot see these on the website - provided with a new Filofax

1 frosted plastic ruler (personal size) 

I am open to offers.  Seriously, try me - you may be surprised at what I will accept.  There is over £70-worth of bits and pieces here, many of which you cannot buy from the Filofax UK website.  Payment via Paypal and I will post out the morning after payment is received.

Email me with your offers or for more details/photographs.