Review : Hexbug Nano

"What on earth are Hexbugs?" I hear you ask.  Well, when we opened the parcel with our three Hexbug Nanos in, both mine and Jake's reaction was "Eh? What are these?"  About 0.3 seconds after taking the first Hexbug out of the packet Jake was full of "Oh, WOW" and "OH MY GOD, THESE ARE BRILLIANT!!"

Hexbug Nanos are miniscule robot bugs, no bigger than your little finger.  They are powered by a tiny battery-operated motor that makes them vibrate and scuttle around.  You can build complex mazes (we built one with Lego) for them to find their way around or just watch them flip and bounce off random objects on the kitchen table whilst the dog goes a bit loopy trying to chase after it!  The green one is my favourite and I'm keeping it as a pet.

The Hexbug Nanos are collectible and there are five in each series.  Each Hexbug comes with its own unique serial number so you can register it online, where there is loads more information.  Individual Hexbug Nanos cost £8.99 each and are available at outlets such as Next and Selfridges as well as the Hexbug website.  There are also five-pack complete collections available, cases to store them in and tracks for them to wiggle around.  If you want to get involved in the talk on Twitter then we are using the #hexbuguk hashtag.