Review Times Two : Simply Safety Solutions & CBeebies Song Time

I am very naughty.  Here at Typecast Towers I have had a couple of items to review but haven't had chance to publish the write up.  Massive apologies to the companies involved.  I hope these little tests help you with any last minute shopping ideas before Christmas.

* * *

(disclaimer: this is not our baby)
Click the picture to visit the
Simple Safety Solutions website
Simple Safety Solutions is a small company with child safety at the heart of their business.  They ask parents to review their products in the home in real situations.  They sent us a Tot Seat Travel Baby Chair Safety Harness (RRP £24.99) to try out.

This is a fantastic little invention.  It transforms any dining chair into a secure seat for babies and toddlers so is the ideal solution to meal times when the grandchildren are visiting.  It is also small enough to keep in your baby bag if you are going out to eat and comes with it's own drawstring carry case.

The harness is recommended for children between 8 months and 3 years old.  We tried Megan (8 months old) in the seat and found that even though she is sitting up unaided now, the harness wasn't really secure enough to hold her in place.  It was, however, great for tying up keeping Amie (23 months) on her chair at the table whilst we all ate our meal.  Highly recommended.

Click the picture to go to their website for more fantastic safety ideas for the home at very reasonable prices.

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We have also been listening to the CBeebies Song Time CD (RRP £15.99).  This double CD is full of all the favourites from CBeebies, including theme tunes, the Something Special Hello song, In The Night Garden Time to go to Sleep track and the Teletubbies Say "Eh-Oh!" club mix (I am not kidding!).  You can find the full track list and buy the CD from here.

This would be great to play on a car journey or even just instead of having the television on for a change.  Watching the recognition on a child's face of hearing a familiar song without the moving pictures in sight is both funny and fascinating at the same time.