What Does Father Christmas Bring Naughty Boys?

You know when your loved ones are being little shits at any time between October and December?  Do you roll out the old "Father Christmas is watching.  He's making sure who is being good and who is being bad"?  Well in our house we used to say "If you carry on with that, Father Christmas will only bring you socks and underpants!"

One year, Michael (now age 17 - oh, he's going to love me for telling this story) had been a complete bugger for ages so we rolled out our usual threat. He was about eight or nine at the time.  His behaviour improved slightly towards Christmas but he was still a handful.  

On Christmas Eve we arranged the presents as usual but we put his actual present of socks and underpants (What? It's tradition!) right at the top of the pile so that he would open it first.

He did.  And promptly burst into tears.

Once consoled, he decided to open a present from my Dad.  He obviously didn't trust us any more, despite us saying that all his other presents were nice.  Guess what Dad had bought him as part of his present?  Yup! You've got it.  Socks and underpants.

Is it wrong that us parents HOWLED with laughter whilst Michael was completely distraught and refused to open another present for about an hour?