Wiggle it. Just a little bit!

Last Wednesday evening I crashed unceremoniously from the table top I was dancing climbing on*.  I was in tears and the dog thought it was a game so leapt all over me.  Son #1 tried to help me up and shoo the dog away at the same time, then got a bit arsey when I cried big, dolloping tears in his face and yelled at him that I couldn't move because my leg hurt.  Kev came in from the other lounge to see what all the noise and then walked out again thinking I was over-reacting.

I limped to bed, in tears.  No-one cared.  My left foot hurt like hell and my right leg was just as bad.

When I got up in the morning I couldn't move my foot and there was a fantastic bruise forming on my right thigh**. Still, I gritted my teeth and limped around the house, strapped my foot up and headed off for work.  I guessed that I had probably broken my toe but there's not really a lot you can do for a broken toe that doesn't involve half a lolly stick and some surgical tape, is there?

Fast forward through a week of limping, aching, the taking of painkillers, bollocking the dog for greeting me enthusiastically each evening by jumping up next to my right leg, keeping my foot up where I could and generally keeping schtum about how much it bloody hurt!  Yesterday I was sat at my desk at work and moved my foot... and my toe... with minimal pain.  YAY!  So I wiggled it again.  And again.  And then it started hurting again so I stopped.

At least I'm getting some movement back in it though.

* * *

* I was looking for a receipt that had been put away in a "safe place".  I totally forgot that I have two people in my house that are 6' 3" and 6' 5" tall.  I was also told off by Kev who told me I shouldn't have been on top of the table in the first place.  *snort*

** For those of you interested in bruises, you can see what the bruise is like now by clicking this link.  Yes, that is my whole leg from just above the ankle to near the top of my thigh! *vomits* 

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