The Gallery : Another Celebration

Recently I have regained contact with one of my primary school friends, Stephanie.  We were having a bit of a catch up and I directed her to my "Old Photos" album on Facebook, where she featured in a couple of the pictures.

She responded by immediately uploading some pictures of her tenth birthday party.
Don't we look just lovely?

(l-r) Frances, me, Tara, Steph, Rachel
(back) Steph's two brothers
Thinking back, this was one of the last birthday parties we were all together.  When we left primary school the following summer, Frances went to one school, myself and Tara when to another and Steph went to a third.  Rachel was a year younger than us so stayed on at primary school for her final year.

Photo Credit: Steph Curtis 
(well, one of her parents really...)
and this is Steph's Blog - go and have a look!

* * *

The Sticky Fingers Gallery prompt this week was "A Celebration" even though we had the exact same prompt back in September.  Tara appears to be getting a little forgetful in her old age...  
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