Daft for Craft

I was reading a blog post by Rachel called "My Knitting Box" and had to admire her stash of knitting needles (watch out eBay, here I come...) and she asked readers how they organise their hobbies.

I'm a crafter of many descriptions, although I seem to have found my niche with cross-stitch and knitting.  Here on the left, we have my cross-stitch box (into which some general sewing equipment has migrated) along with a few cross-stitch kits, tubes of beads, sequins, odd strands of ribbon, etc.  On the right, we have what used to be my "current project" bag but seems to have been overtaken by my knitting.  As you can see, I've done a bit more with the baby cardigan (we now have a full body and one sleeve) and I was going to do something with the black and red wool but it was so long ago, I've forgotten what it was.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  In my sewing box I've got about 5 crochet hooks but I've never tried crocheting... maybe that's how I should use up the red and black wool?

I've also been upstairs and dug out another great big bag of bits and pieces that languishes at the bottom of the wardrobe.  In there were more cross-stitch threads (this box needs replenishing, as you can see), almost a full set of Cross-Stitch Magic magazines (I think there's about 3 issues missing, now discontinued I believe) and all the charts and transfers that came with them.
Photobucket          Photobucket

I would love a room of my own - it would have a desk where I could spread out my study books and not have to pack them up each time we wanted to eat (the kitchen table is currently my favoured study area), there would be rows of shelves for books and built in cupboards/drawers for all my craft items and no-one else would be allowed in there unless explicitly invited.