The First Wives Club - Guest Post

Hello everyone.  I'm not here today - I'm guesting over at Holly's blog for one day (It's A Mummy's Life) and she is posting here so I hope you like Holly's view of the imminent general election campaign trail.  Please feel free to comment here in reply to Holly.

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My name is Holly and I’m a blogger.  There I said it.  I am addicted to it; it’s become my one true vice.  So being offered the chance to guest blog was a bit like the ultimate nirvana for this blogging junkie.  Nickie has been kind enough to ‘blog swap’ with me.  For that alone she is now my new best friend.

I’ve been a working mum for almost 3 years now.  I am the main breadwinner and there’s no way I could just drop everything to support my husband if he chose to go on some crazy campaign trail.  So when I read that Miriam Clegg declined from being her husband’s arm candy for the election trail I had renewed respect for her.  She reckoned she couldn’t just walk out of her career for 5 weeks, they needed the money.

But not so, apparently, for Sam Cam and Sarah Brown.  They are free to grace the arms of their men in their quest for global (ok UK) domination.

And my, what a job they are doing.

Personally I couldn’t give a monkey’s about the actual candidates, what I’m interested in (and let’s be honest, who I’ll vote for) comes down almost entirely to their wives.  Because everyone knows that behind a decent politician (if that’s not an oxymoron) is the guiding hand of a very smart lady.

Right now Sarah Brown’s winning for me.  I like her real woman’s figure, her big friendly smile, the fact she’s as addicted to Twitter as I am.  I like the fact she must be the heart and soul of that family, I bet she’s the one goading him when he’s having a man meltdown over the mower not working.  I love that she bakes with her kids.  I bake with my kids and I’m a bloody useless cook, but it’s fun. 

Most of all I like her slightly gauche public persona.  A little bit awkward in all the photo ops, like she’d much rather be in the garden in her wellies than some ill fitting twinset and pearls.

Sam Cam on the other hand, is so goddamn perfect. She’s pregnant for god’s sake, but where’s the tell tale puffiness round the chops?  Where’s the ‘oh sod it I’ll just eat cake for 9 months’ evidence?  She’s probably a lovely person, but like her husband she just appears to be too good at the public appearances, not to mention the YouTube channel.

She is clearly a woman made of stern stuff.  She had to deal with the tragedy of losing her son, yet she still comes out with a massive grin on her pretty face.  And let’s not forget she’s a working mum too.  She’s got a top job, she has two kids, another on the way and she supports a man who is probably no stranger to his own reflection.  Looking after a vain man must be a tough job (fortunately my own dear husband doesn’t really get the concept of ‘grooming’).

Then there’s Miriam.  Well we don’t know much about her.  The press hasn’t really honed in on her.  Instead Nick Clegg has Vince Cable as his arm candy.  Interesting choice.

So having written this I think I rather like both potential first wives.  If only we could vote for them to run the country, rather than their counterparts. A woman PM, now there’s a thought…

So if you like this come visit me at "It’s a Mummy’s Life" once in a while. 

By the way this is post is entirely my own opinion and not necessarily that of the lovely Nickie.

Photo credit: Chodhound on Flickr