The Gallery : Joy

This blog post is for the Weekly Gallery that Tara over at "Sticky Fingers" is running.   Use a picture you already have or a picture that you've taken especially for the theme that best fits the prompt.  Post it on your blog and write about it.

 This week's theme is "Joy".

Hhmm, what is 'joy'?  Is it a picture of my children laughing?  Is it a picture of some beautiful scenery?  Is it some freshly grown flowers - a sight to beholden in this late spring?  No!  In my world 'joy' is the delivery of a brand new personal sized Filofax - a new release from Filofax UK no less - a treat to myself.

Oh yes - I did it... I took the plunge and went and bought it.  This picture does the product NO JUSTICE whatsoever so you can see how beautiful it really is on the Filofax website

It includes a week-to-two page diary (July 2010 to December 2011 so no need to purchase a new diary insert at the end of this year) and some BE-YOU-TEE-FUL pastel shaded dividers and pages plus some extra bits and pieces which are detailed over at the official Filofax website (this is not a sponsored post, surprisingly enough.  You would think Filofax UK would have signed me up by now, wouldn't you?). 

It's a real girlie planner and it's certainly put a 'Spring' in my step (see what I did there...?)

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