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Today, I have written a guest post for the (unofficial) Starman Fan Club.  If you have been watching Pineapple Dance Studios on Sky 1 on Sundays then you'll know exactly what I am on about. If you haven't then maybe you need to read this blog post first and then head on over to the Starman Fan Club blog.  It's all about Andrew Stone, y'know!

* * *

One of Andrew Stone's quotes is this:
"’ve got to love oneself to love someone else and I think the person who loves oneself without being too into themselves of course can actually have a successful relationship as well".
This links in with the launch of a "Kindness Club" by Susie at "NewDayNewLesson".  There is more information on her website and you can also grab the badge from here:

* * *

Also, I have arranged a "blog swap" with Holly from "It's A Mummy's Life" on Thursday so don't forget to come and have a look at what Holly has to say about what is swaying her vote in the upcoming General Election...