The words that were never said...

She came, crept into our lives
And destroyed us.
She took our trust, screwed it up 
And threw it away.
He was no better...
He let it all happen
And now we have to pretend it's all OK
Because the person who was torn in two
Is no longer with us.

She will never be to me what she wants to be,
Not after what she did.
Each time I look at him
I see the guilt in his eyes,
But I no longer care
Now I know the truth about the past.
He knows what he has lost...

Edited to add:  I've decided to submit this poem to the Writing Workshop that is  run by Josie at Sleep Is For The Weak.  This week was Workshop #21 and I used prompt #2 - A moment of realisation where you knew something had to change.  I was going to explain what it's about but even now, there are still some things better left unsaid.  You can find all the other Workshop posts >>> here <<<