Very Kreativ - Seven Things You Didn't Know About Me


The lovely Rosie Scribble has awarded me the "Kreativ Blogger" award.  I have a feeling hope that this means that my blogs are creative in the 'process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts' sense rather than the "OH MY GOD, SHE'S SUCH A LIAR" type of 'creative'...

Anyway - to be eligible for this award, I have to disclose seven facts about me that you don't already know (don't worry, I haven't had dinner or drinks with a Gladiator).  Prepare to be shocked and amazed, although I'm expecting a few people to recoil in horror.  This calm, sensitive exterior is all a façade, you know?
  1. I have been charged and convicted of fraud.  I was found guilty of working and claiming benefits for a short period of time, was arrested, went to court, narrowly escaped a prison sentence and had to repay £2000 in Income Support and £2000 in housing benefit.  I had this conviction on my criminal record for ten years (it was only wiped two years ago) and almost prevented me from obtaining a mortgage four years ago.
  2. I was tipped for a very successful running (sprinting) career - the Commonwealth Games and Olympics were mentioned - until I got knocked over the day before the Lancashire squad trials, aged 16 (mentioned in passing here and the inspiration for this short story)
  3. I became a Grandparent at the age of 36 (and I've been blessed with another grandchild almost 16 months later) - that's what you get for having children young and history repeating itself.
  4. My mum would never let me go to a Duran Duran concert.  I finally fulfilled my dream and went to my first Duran Duran concert on 18th December 2005 with my sister-in-law - a hardened Spandau Ballet fan - and had the time of my life even though we were miles away from the stage.
  5. I tap dance.  I returned to dancing after a 20-year break and it was like riding a bike.  I have appeared in three shows and "on tour" with Flava UK from the first series of Britains Got Talent.
  6. I have three tattoos - one on my right ankle, one on my back, towards my left shoulder and one wrapped around my right forearm which I designed myself (barbed wire and flowers).
  7. I flick the 'V' sign or 'the bird' at people when they are not looking.  One day someone is going to catch me and Ill probably get punched in the neck or something!!!

Now I have to pass this award onto seven other bloggers who will I think are deserving of this challenge:

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