The Tracks Of My Tears...

I make no secret of the fact that I love music so when Garry from Blog Up North tagged me in a "Songs That Make You Cry" meme, my immediate thoughts were that it was going to be easy.  Not so.  I'll freely admit that the following songs don't actually make me sob buckets but they do tug at the emotional heartstrings for one reason or another.

The theme tune from the film "Somewhere in Time" (1980)
(Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op. 43, Variation XVIII for the pedantic amongst us)
I purposefully haven't linked to the film on YouTube in case anyone hasn't seen it and wants to.  It's a film about a playwright who is given a gift of a pocket watch by an old lady who says to him "Come back to me, Richard".  A story of unexpected love and time travel ensues with surprising outcomes.  It's one of my favourite films and the music is part of the 'hook' of the film.  Haunting and fitting.

This version of Stand By Me/Beautiful Girls from "Boys Don't Sing - The Choir" on BBC2 (lead by Gareth Malone)
To see Gareth Malone create a choir (and eventually this 'mash-up' way before anything like Glee was shown on TV) was great - the boys went from reluctantly joining the choir for the sake of something to do to pulling off a performance like this.  Amazing.

Suddenly by Angry Anderson
From the Neighbours wedding - Scott & Charlene - although I'm sure you are getting a bit sick of me linking this now!

Falling Down - Duran Duran
This (obviously) isn't the official video - but the one that is available doesn't allow embedding.  Please go and look at it if you can and you'll see why I associate this with the film 'Girl, Interrupted'. 
Because I'm falling down
With people standing 'round
Before I hit the ground
Is there time?  Could I find
Someone out there to help me?

Placebo, Running Up That Hill
Again, this isn't the official video but you can see that one here - again, embedding disabled.  Just a beautiful song.  And this version is probably better than the original!

So who am I going to tag... to carry this on?
Paula at Battling On
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