Step Ball Change, Jeté and... Jazz Hands

Oooohhhh I'm one of the first recipients of a brand new meme called "I Heart TV"- it is the brainchild of Dawn, a.k.a The Moiderer.  She's after some new television programmes to watch (although I suspect she will be severely disappointed in my very predictable choice).

First, the rules of the meme, as usual:

  • Name your absolute favourite TV programme
  • You can NOT have more than one!
  • Describe the general gist of the programme
  • Explain what about it makes it your favourite (and therefore why someone else would want to watch it
  • Link back to me here (and to The Moiderer on the original blog post)
  • Tag 2 other people

Pineapple Studios (picture credit:
where careers are made, dreams are broken, bitching is an
Olympic sport and everyone is fabulous
If you're not already watching Pineapple Dance Studios (Sunday, Sky 1, 6pm) then you should be.  Thanks to programmes like this and Glee, musical theatre and dance is ever-popular again.

Pineapple Dance Studios is in it's 30th year of business and cameras have been invited to follow the lives of the larger-than-life characters that both work there and pass through their doors.  

We have met Artistic Director, Louie Spence who has to be seen to be believed - camper than Christmas and can not walk anywhere - he performs a jeté, a chassé and a rond de jambe en l'air as though it's the most natural way to walk down a corridor at work.  As we follow him on his route through the studios we spy Mark Battershall, dance teacher and choreographer, putting the brand new Pineapple Dance Group (PDG) through their paces in readiness for their promotional video and calendar shoot.  Also using a studio further along is Tricia Walsh-Smith, who's telephone conversation about her divorce went viral on YouTube - she is participating in a dance class in readiness for the release of her new single.  And finally we have Andrew Stone, lead singer of who IS Starman - the soon-to-be-massive electro-pop group.  I could write a whole blog post about Andrew and his fabulousness but there is already a fan blog dedicated to that so I shall just quote him instead:
"I'm not IN showbusiness, I AM showbusiness.  It is what I am"
Andrew Stone, Starman
Whilst you are sat watching this programme, wondering if it is a spoof, the dulcet tones of Michael Buerk waft through the speakers.  Now you're really confused!  You sit there, waiting for a charity telephone number to scroll across the bottom of the screen, then you actually hear what Mr Buerk is saying as we are watching a group of very buff lads audition for a part in a pop video:
(deadpan)  "It's not about looking 'hench'.  These boys will need to bust some fly moves if they want to get some swagger on in the Fe-Nix video"
Say what? *falls over laughing*  Pure genius.

Along with back-flipping policemen, Louie sprinkling talcum powder onto someone's birthday cake, random Fame-esque dance scenes and the word 'Pineapple' pixelated out on everyone's tracksuits (no, I don't understand why either) there is just so much more.  You will sit there laughing one moment and slack-jawed then next.  It has to be seen to be believed...

In the words of Tricia Walsh Smith - It's BONKERS!!!

To carry this on, I tag:
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( I really wanted to tag Louie Spence but I don't think he'd join in)