A Whole Hour? Just For Me?

If I was ever given an hour just for me - no interruptions guaranteed -  then I'd do one of two things:

  1. I would switch everything off and lie on the floor.  Prone.  I would listen to the silence and attempt to listen to it for as long as possible.  Nothing sexual or spiritual or unusual - just lie there and be at one with myself.  There is always noise around me - the whirring of computers and printers, the sound of chattering, the television or radio, cars driving past, birds tweeting and there is always someone or something that needs my attention whether at work or at home.  I'm always the first one up and often the last one to bed at night just so that I can have those precious few minutes on my own but, again,  I am usually doing something - filling the washing machine, answering emails, tweaking an assignment that's nearing its deadline, washing up a couple of cups.  But that's what being me is all about.  If I actually did get time to myself, after a short while, I'd be hunting round for something to do.  An hour is just enough, thank you very much.
  2. I would read every single un-read post in my Google Reader, soaking up each word, searching for inspiration, admiring the talent out there, giving each and every piece of writing the time that it deserves.  Someone took the time to write those words for me and you to read; we should take the time to appreciate them - and even respond if we feel that those words have affected us in any way.

This blog post was written for Workshop #19, Prompt 1 - We lost an hour over the weekend into the mysterious ether of the universe.  Imagine you could get it back to use whenever you wanted.  When would you 'spend' it and what would you do with it? - run by Josie at Sleep Is For The Weak and you can find all the other Workshop posts >> here <<