The Gallery : Ugly

This blog post is for the Weekly Gallery that Tara over at "Sticky Fingers" is running.   Use a picture you already have or a picture that you've taken especially for the theme that best fits the prompt.  Post it on your blog and write about it.

 This week's theme is "Ugly" and it's all my fault.  I'm sorry... *embarassed face*

However, what I have seen is conversations on Twitter that have emerged around the definition of "ugly"; what I see as ugly, someone will think is utterly beautiful and vice versa.

Here is my "UGLY" photo for this weeks Gallery:
This is my journey to work.  All motorway... in front, behind, with the occasional stretch of traffic cones thrown in for a bit of variety.  The motorway network in this country is extremely useful but is just lengths of tarmac with a few lengths of white paint dotted around and however much I love my work, the journey there and back is the same old stretch of tarmac every single day.

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