Grumpy Old Woman

I have been handed the 'grumpy baton' by Becky over at Single Mummy and I honestly have no idea why probably because I am the female version of Victor Meldrew.  I don't court grumpiness, but these things just happen to me.  I have had to wait until I was in a suitable mood to write seven things that make me grumpy so these are mainly from last week:

1.  (work related)  I send an email, you read it.  You click reply WHILST AT YOUR COMPUTER, you respond.  Job done.  WHY does it take another three emails and the threat of the cancellation of the seminar before you confirm your attendance?  (multiply this by 67 delegates)

2.  Liz Jones of the Daily Mail - yes I know this is ironic that I'm being grumpy about someone who has a newspaper column called "Liz Jones Moans" but, for crying out loud, that woman writes complete and utter drivel and managed to contradict herself in her own article last week - she first wrote about how she believed that Sophie Dahl should be ensuring that her husband cook his own meals, all in the name of feminism, then proceeded to berate Christina Aguilera and her choice to introduce the fact that nudity is OK in front of her two year old son... Ms Jones actually states... "Oh, for the days when mums wore aprons and Marigolds, at all times"... erm, would that be whilst they were cooking and cleaning for their husbands then?

I have have to sit on my hands whilst reading "articles" as I ITCH to reply to them (and did once on this blog - I'm still waiting for a reply from her) when I could be putting something together and pitching it to the DM myself... or maybe not!!

3.  Jeggings - what the f...?  Either wear jeans (you know... those skinny jeans that are back in fashion again now) or leggings.  Just decide.

4.  Knowing where things are.  Why am I the only one who knows where ANYTHING is in this house?  And why do they alwyas need to know when I'm on the loo/phone/laptop/reading/watching Glee (delete as appropriate)?

5.  Wake up.  WAKE up.  Wake UP!  WAKE UP FOR SCHOOL!  OH FOR GOD'S SAKE, JUST GET UP!  If you're still there when I come back up, you're getting water on you.  WAKE UP!!!

6.  To the bastard who side-swiped my husbands car on Friday night/Saturday morning and just drove off - sense my tone... you are on my "List" if I ever find out who you are.

7.  Paypal, take your court letter and take a flying one.  The item was NOT returned to me in the condition it was sent out in and it is YOUR fault that you repaid the twatty customer who strung you a load of lies without consulting me first.  Take it out of that *points to nose*!

~ ~ and breathe ~ ~

I have loads more... shall I carry on?