Craft Time - Gift Bags

Today's post is from Maggy.  I saw one of Maggy's craft vlog's on her website a while back and loved it.  I've persuaded her to share it again here so that we can all make these gift bags.  All you need is an old magazine or comic and a glue stick!  If you have any questions then you can find Maggy on Twitter at @RedTedArt.  Over to Maggy...

* * *

Hi!  I am very pleased to be here as a Guest Poster for Nickie! And what a lovely lady she is…

Over at Red Ted Art, my son (Red Ted (2)) and I (Maggy (old)) do lots of crafts projects. Sometimes Pip Squeak (0) joins us. Sometimes we are inspired by books, sometimes in the kitchen and sometimes by the great outdoors. I am a crafty sort and like to seek out clever crafty people and their ideas.

Here we have my wonderful friend and neighbour, Ali in my very first “How To” post. She shows how to make the most adorable and funky party/gift or popcorn bags out of magazines or old comics! To find out more about Ali, visit The Good Life Bloggers.

To find many more craft ideas (from No Sew Bunting, to Loo Roll Marionettes, to simple Paper Frames) visit me at Red Ted Art!

Hope you like!