Private(s) Naming Ceremony

Today's post is from Jenny who is one of my fellow "parent bloggers".  Jenny is a fairly new mum and appears to be planning ahead.  You can find Jenny on her blog at Mummy Mishaps or on Twitter as @JennyPaulin.  This is the first of two posts today (Paula's will be posted later) as I think they link in great together.  Over to Jenny...

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The very lucky Nickie at Typecast has asked for guest posts for her blog while she is off sunning herself in Spain. Huh! So basically while she is off enjoying hot sun, warm sea and lots of cocktail drinking her blogger friends are holding the 'blog, for her, and adding guest posts to entertain her followers. 

My name is Jenny and I usually reside over at Mummy Mishaps (please pop over for a visit, you would be very welcome). I am a first time, full time, stay at home 30-something Mummy to my almost 12 month old son. 

For my guest post I thought I would tackle a subject which I am sure is a topic of conversation that many of you have had, or indeed will have at some point when you become a parent.

WARNING this post contains words that some bloggers may find offensive or just darn right funny!

OK, so how do you decide what you are going to call your baby's private parts? A name which you will be happy for them to use aswell, when they are able to ask you "what is that?" when they point to what lies beneath their nappy!!

Here is a selection of names that I have heard women who have daughters tell them what female genitalia is called:

Front bottom
Foo foo

Names for boy's genitalia include

Pee pee

Is anyone else laughing at some of these??

I cannot remember what I was brought up saying - too long ago to remember now! 

Anyway, the OH and I have decided (well me mainly then!) that we will use the terms fanny and willy (even writing those words down makes me giggle like a silly school girl!) I think they are funny words that are not too rude and not clinical sounding. When he is older Burton can choose whichever name he prefers (men and their pet names - now there is a whole other topic of conversation!), and when he is old enough to understand it can be explained to him what its correct anatomical name is. However, until then it's fanny and willy all the way (tee hee!!).

So care to share your choices and why? Or any new names that have not been mentioned that you were told by your parents? Go on spill the beans - Nickie said anything kind of goes on her blog (LOL!).

Thanks for reading!