Holiday Guest Posts

I'm off on my jollies to Spain tomorrow (hooray!!).  Because I love my blog very much and appreciate the readership that I've built up, I requested some guest posts so that you had something to read each day.  I never expected the response that I've received.  I've had posts from people from all walks of life, using every subject matter that you can think of.  I am astounded by the generosity from the community that I am a proud to be a part of.   There are also two "Cancer - Your Story" posts due - you can see those on the schedule too.

I have built a schedule of the guest posts so that you have something to refer to.  Some days there may be two posts because I felt they linked into one another.  The first post of the day is scheduled for 11am.  If there is a second post for that day it is scheduled in for 3pm (both UK time).  If the guest writers have a blog and/or Twitter account, I have included links in the intro.  Please feel free to visit the other blogs, follow everyone on Twitter, expand and strengthen your social network and just sit back and enjoy the pieces I've chosen to share with you.

I have just one last request.  If you see something you like, please share it.  There are plenty of ways to do that on the blog - either use the "Tweet Meme" button in the side bar or the "share" facility at the end of each blog post.  And don't forget to show some comment love!!  See you on the 23rd July...

The calender is interactive - if you use Google Calender then feel free to add the schedule to your calender.  If you click on each day, you will see a few more details about the scheduled guest post.

Oh PS... FridayTwiz is cancelled for the next two Fridays - unless, of course, someone wants to take up the role of TwizMaster...  Sorry, but both myself and Jen (@JenCull) are on holiday... but not together!!