Review: Turbo Snake from JML

I was asked by FuelMyBlog to review the Turbo Snake - a JML product.  The blurb promises that the gadget will clear slow moving drains quickly.  You simply uncoil the gyroscopic wire (3 foot in length and looks a bit like the end of a mascara wand) shove it down your plughole, twist and pull out! This is the bit I was dreading...

I thought I'd give the Turbo Snake a whirl on the bath.  We have the smallest bathroom in the history of house-building so I had to actually climb in the bath to try and clean the plughole.

I followed the instructions and gave the Turbo Snake a twist and moved it up and down.

I'm not sure whether we have the cleanest plugs around here but there didn't seem to be much down the plughole for the Turbo Snake to grab hold of however, I can see that it would be extremely effective if my plughole was slightly blocked.

It's possibly something to do with the amount of water that passes through the plughole in this house and could be why Lancashire is in currently the middle of a hosepipe ban!
Anyway, you can see that it has worked - I'm quite glad that it didn't pull out more dirt as I'm not sure my stomach could handle it.  And I still have to clean it off the bristles... 

The Turbo Snake retails at £9.99 and is available from, Asda, Robert Dyas, Tesco and Wilkinsons

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