Crich Tramway Village - Family Day Out

Today's post is from Andy - one of the teenage blogging crew - and he blogs and tweets as "Captain Croc".  Andy and I have sort of bumped into each other on Twitter but I've recently found out that he participates in the Gallery each week at Sticky Fingers.  Over to Andy...

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Hi, I guess! I’m Andy; I’m a bit new to this stuff so please bear with me. On Saturday 26 July, we, as a family, went to the Crich Tramway Village as they were having a 50’s weekend. I went there as a younger kid and I still have very distant memories of the whole place; Of course, It was back in 2001! Anyway, I remember riding the 50’s style tramcars thinking it was the most amazing thing ever and to be fair, at the age of 5, it kinda was. I can’t remember how we originally found it but I guess it was to sightsee as we had only been living in England for a while.

© Andy Harmon

Not much of it has changed today, from what I can remember. It was great to go back and revisit all the things I had forgotten and I enjoyed the street of the village which is set up to look like an English street from the 40’s/50’s with the tramline acting as a transport link to the mines and a cute nature trail. The tramline is certainly a massive novelty which any child of any age (I’m nearly 14 and I adore it) will love and enjoy the ride and best of all: you get tickets! Also if you’re interested in the history of the trams, there is a massive warehouse full of old trams once used in around the country where you can see how they progressed in design or read up on how and when they operated. The nature trail off from the tramline is also a great thing to do if you bring the kids and it has many opportunities for great photos so be sure to bring your camera. After all of this, there is a great pub and cafe on the street where you can rest and get a snack and drink. All in all, the museum is a big novelty and if you’re into modern history and culture of England, I think this is a perfect place to be!

The Museum is based in Crich in Derbyshire and admittance for a family is £29.50 for the whole year which is neat as there are many events in a single year to take advantage of that and it’s well worth the journey for the day out. Feel free to check out my blog and my twitter profile. Thanks to Nickie too!