Tortured Dreams

Today's post is from Susie who I know through the "Parent Blogging" network that has sprung up over the past few months.  Susie writes about positive thinking over on her blog New Day, New Lesson (check out her "Kindness Club" posts) and is also on Twitter - @NewDayNewLesson.  Over to Susie...

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InsomniaI am of two minds. On the one hand I believe that dreams have deep meanings and can be nudges from our guardian angels. On the other hand, I think many dreams are just nonsense or the mind's way of working out things that have been bothering you or you have been thinking of.

Or maybe dreams are a combination of both of those theories. Which is where my problem lies.  I am a concrete person. I like to know things for sure. How the heck can I rest easy when I can't know for certain whether a dream I had is just a bunch of baloney or when I should take it to heart because it is my soul's way of nudging me in the right direction?

I have weird dreams. Dreams that are very real and occupy what seems to be much of my sleeping hours. The night my yahoo account was hacked I had dreams of breaking into and hacking ISP's in real life not just through the computer. For some odd reason Madonna was also in the dream? Why???? What was that all about? I haven't read about her or listened to her music lately but she was helping me escape the police and putting herself at risk. There was all kinds of other weirdness going on but I think I have revealed enough of my warped mind for now.

I am leaning towards believing that my above dream was just my tormented over active imagination trying to
come to grips with me being locked out of my email account. Sounds logical. Unless I am about to meet Madonna. Now if it had been Oprah, I would have gotten excited. There are other dreams that are less straight forward and leave you wondering. I have had a few odd premonitions. I have had dreams that have left me unsettled for days. Am I really to believe that those dreams don't have any meaning? That they don't have bring me any insights from the vast world beyond the one that we see and is tangible to us?

I believe that there are dreams with meaning as there are nonsense dreams. I just wish my dreams would come with a guide that says take this one seriously, this one is just for fun, this one we are just messing with your mind…..

What do you believe about dreams? If you do believe dreams have meanings how do you separate normal from meaningful?

In the meantime, I am the one with the big bags under her eyes in search of peaceful dreams.

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